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Picnic places

Flight Cancelled ? Nepalgunj has some great single day picnic place with abundant natural and scenic beauty. Just arrange vehicle or motorbike, start in morning, enjoy the day and come back till dusk. The experience will be great as the places are full of natural beauty and far far away from concrete structure or plastic chaired eating houses and hence making you feel in the arms of nature and only nature.

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park lies about one and half hour drive on Mahendra Highway towards west. Bardia National Park is largest most unspoilt wilderness area (968 sq km) in the terai. The park, a sub-tropical jungle, includes thickly forested by trees with tracks, watch towers, several open grasslands, savannah and riverine vegetation. The Karnali river touches the west border, whils the Babai river cuts its course through the middle of the park. On southern fringes are the villages of the indigenous and unique Tharu people of western Nepal.The park is home to the largest population (per sq km) of the exlusive Bengal tiger and there are 30 more species of other mammals, such as bears, monkeys, civets, hyenas, wild dogs, otters, wild boar, leopards, deer, tiger, rhinoceros, wild elephant and the black buck. Crocodiles, masher fish and teh Gangetic dolphin cavort in the river water. There are more than 350 species of birds including cormorants, egret, stork, geese, jungle foul, kingfisher, horn bills plus endangered species such as the Bengal florican, silver eared mesia and the saurus crane making the park a true delight for bird watchers.

Chatar Irrigation Dam

Dont have enough time? Dont worry find a time gap of 4 hours and rush to 'Chatar'. A place for 'quickies' and young couples to spend 2,4 hours. There is a small irrigation dam made on small gorge called 'Dudwa'. The water is flowing on cemented slopes enjoying children water-skiing on it!


Want to spend some time in thick jungle side? Move towards Kathmandu and after 'Kohalpur' (15 kms from Nepalgunj) start finding any place sutiable for you till to sit in thick jungle listening chirping of birds. Dont try to move far inside jungle and prefer to sit near road-side. There are number of small flowing or dry small rivers so you can also choose anyone for enjoying. The road is almost deserted so you can enjoy your spare time freely and without disturbance. No hotels, restaurents, villages, houses on this road so enjoy the beauty of silent jungle with no other person seen near you. Take care of some 'Community forests' in the way with barbed wiring.Do not damage forest in either way.
Or move till 'Agaiya' (50 minute drive from Nepalgunj) and there is Rapti river. Sit on shore of river and enjoy. There is a cable suspended pddestrian bridge. Cross it and again! the jungle is here back!

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