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Jungle Safari, Wild Life Adventure, Rafting, Bird Watching and much more in

Bardia national Park


Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park lies in the mid-far western region of Nepal and is only about one and half hour drive on Mahendra Highway towards west. Bardia National Park is largest most unspoilt wilderness area (968 sq km) in the terai expanding from the Churia hills southward to the gentle slopes of the "Bhabhar'. The higher grounds of the Churia have dry deciduous forest of mostly hardwood sal. The porous slopes of the Bhabhar support large open grasslands known locally as 'Phantas'. These are some of the last remaining grasslands that once covered much of the Gangetic plains.

How To Reach / Access Time from Nepalganj

Bardia National Park is about 90 kilometres from Nepalganj. From Nepalganj, one can reach Bardia National Park in one and half hours journey by any taxi easily available from Nepalganj. If you have already booked any hotel / resort the hotel vehicle will come to receive you at airport or your stay place in Nepalganj.

Entry Fee Per Person Per Day:

For Nepalese Nationals, Nepali Rs.20/-
For Indians and SAARC Nationals, Nepali Rs. 200/-
For Other Foreign Nationals, nepali Rs. 500/-

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the region is from October to April. Never make any plan in Monsoon season, that is June last to September last as this area faces severe monsoon rains continued for several days.


  • Fee can be paid at Park Entrance Gate.
  • Entrance fee not required for children under 10 years.
  • Park Entrance fees is regulated by Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (Phone: +977-1-4220850).
  • Entrance fees for mountain National Parks can be paid at ACAP counter (Phone: +977-1-4222406) at Sanchaykosh building in Thamel,

Really Wild Jungle

The park, a sub-tropical jungle, includes thickly forested by trees with tracks, watch towers, several open grasslands, savannah and riverine vegetation. Babai river cuts its course through the middle of the park. On southern fringes are the villages of the indigenous and unique Tharu people of western Nepal. The western end of the Bardia is bounded by numerous water-ways of the sprawling Karnali river which have created many large and small gravel islands. These islands and much of the lower ground area covered by a mosaic of grassland and riverine forest of acacia, sisam and the large buttressed silk cotton trees. In spring, the silk cotton blooms and the forest comes alive with scarlet flowers.

Variety of Rare Animals

Bardia is the home of a wide variety of animals, many of which live in and around the Phantas. These open grasslands such as Baghora and Lamkoili are the best places to view animals.

The park is home to the largest population (per sq km) of the exlusive Bengal tiger and there are 30 more species of other mammals, such as bears, monkeys, civets, hyenas, wild dogs, otters, wild boar, leopards, deer, tiger, rhinoceros, wild elephant, black buck, hog deer, samber deer, and barasingha or swamp deer. Two species of monkeys, the langur and the rhesus macaque are also present. The park also boasts a small population of the rare gharial, the marsh mugger crocodile and the Gangetic dolphin.

There are more than 350 species of birds including cormorants, egret, stork, geese, jungle foul, kingfisher, horn bills plus endangered species such as the Bengal florican, silver eared mesia and the saurus crane making the park a true delight for bird watchers

The park is famous for its small herds of wild elephants which are rarely seen.The island of the Karnali river harbours the sub-continent's largest antelope species, the nilgai or blue bull. The Karnali and Babai rivers attract a large number of wintering waterfowl along with resident species such as herons, kingfishers and wall creepers. More than 350 bird species have been recorded in Bardia, truly a bird watcher's paradise.

Things To Remember

  • Carry a comprehensive first aid kit including medicines for intestinal problems as there is not any proper medical facility in/near the park area.
  • If you are travelling by your own vehicle make sure that you have ample amount of fuel, as there are no filling stations in the park area.

Some Famous Resorts at Bardia National Park -

1. Bardia Adventure Resort

2. Tiger Tops

3. Bardia Jungle Cottage

and many other you can find near Bardia National Park

Activities in Bardia National Park

Jungle Safari Jungle Trek Jeep Safari
Elephant Safari Bicycle Tour Rafting
Bird Watching Black Buck Tour Churia Hill Tour
Elephant Breeding Centre Crocodile / Aligator Breeding Centre Village Tour
Cultural Programs    

Photo Gallery -

Click on the images below for an enlarged view -

babai river karnali river karnali thakurswara bardia national park
Tiger Tops, Bardia
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bardia national park bardia national park tiger tops tiger tops tiger tops
tiger tops tiger tops tiger tops bardia national park bardia national park
Bardia Adventure Jungle
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bardia national park bardia national park bardia national park bardia national park
Other Resorts
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bardia national park
bardia national park bardia national park bardia
Rhinocers wandering
bardia national park nepal rhino
nepali rhino nepali rhino
Crocodile Breeding Farm
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Crocodiles / Aligators
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nepali crocodile
bardia national park
Tourist Enjoying
bardia national park bardia national park nepalgunj
karnali bridge
Karnali River
Single pillar bridge
nepalgunj karnali bridge karnali river nepalgunj
Way to Bardia from Nepalganj
Babai River
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babai babai river babai
nepalgunj nepalgunj nepali crocodile
Crocodile in Babai River
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nepali crocodile nepali crocodile
aligators in babai nepal
Aligators in Babai River
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aligators in babai nepal aligators in babai nepal aligators in babai nepal aligators in babai nepal
Karnali River
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nepalgunj nepalgunj

Some Famous Resorts / Hotels at Bardia National Park Area-

1. Bardia Adventure Jungle (Click Here for Complete Detail of Bardia Adventure Jungle.)
2. Tiger Tops Karnali
3. Tiger Tops Tented Camp
and many more ....

The list and detail of resorts / hotels will be added soon. Keep visiting

How to get there

By Air:
There are daily flights from Kathmandut to Nepalgunj airport from where Bardia National Park is just 2 hours' drive away (45 miles or 70 kilometres) .

By Road
One can reserve a private transport and reach the resort or catch a direct bus from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan or Nepalgunj plying on the Mahendranagar, Dhangadi or Karnali route, drop at Ambassa from where you can go by vehicle of your hotel or resort or by private bus.

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