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Skin Care in Rainy or Humid Season

girl in raingirl in rain

The season of rain is always romantic. The feeling of rain on your body is definitely a sensational feeling. But after that you need to care your skin against the high humidity in atmosphere.

Skin Care Tips & Tricks

1. To get rid of sticky feeling on skin, mix one tablespoon sandalwood powder with rose water 'Gulab Jal' and apply this paste on face, hands, arms, legs.

2. Add 'Jeera' powder in coconut oil. Apply it on and near neck. Then bath after a few minutes.

3. For oily skin, mix equal quantities of honey and lemon juice. Apply it on face. Wash after one hour. Also you can mix white portion of egg also in this.

4. If your skin is dry, take one teaspoon of milk cream, mix some rose water 'gulab jal'. Apply it on your face. Was after 15 minutes

5. For moisturizing your oily skin mix two teaspoon rose water 'gulabjal', two to four drops of strawberry oil and two to four drops of orange oil. Apply it face, hands, legs. Wash after 10 to 15 minutes.

6. To clean oily skin, rub papaya on your body. Then bath after few minutes.

7. For oily skin, add unboiled milk in gram flour 'besan'. Apply it on face, hands, arms and legs.

8. To remove dead cells or exfoliate your skin, take some rough wheat flour, rub it on your body while bathing.

9. For cleansing of dry skin make paste of two teaspoon honey and powder of 7 to 8 nos. of almonds. Apply it on face and let it dry. After drying completing wash your face. Don't rub with towel but just pat dry your face. Your face will be glowing.

10. To bring glow ind ry and dead skin, mix equal quantities of honey and curd. Apply it on face and neck. Wash after 15 minutes.

11. During rainy season, toning of skin is necessary during night. Use any anti-bacterial toner for any possible infection. For home made toning, mix five drops of 'chameli' oil in one tea spoon of milk. For oily skin, apply diluted lavender oil.

12. Mix two tea-spoon of glycerine in one tea-cup of rose water. Apply it one whole of your body. Bath after 15 minutes. Dryness of body will vanish !

13. Rub crushed cucumber mixed with sandalwood powder. You skin will be glowing.

14. Apply coconut oil on lips if lips are cracking.

15. Apply castor oil on cracked heels.

Hair Care Tips & Tricks

1. Try to protect your hair by rain. IF hairs are wet in rain, shampoo with mild shampoo as you reach home, then towel dry them.

2. Use conditioner after shampooing your hairs.

3. If your hairs are dry use conditioner at least twice a week.

4. Comb your wet hairs lightly. Combing briskly in wet hair causes breaking them easily.

5. Beer is a good conditioner. Wash your hairs with beer. After a few minutes wash hair with cold water. Your hairs will be glowing.

6. Apply coconut or mustard oil in hairs while sleeping. Wash next morning them with any mild shampoo.

7. If suffering with hair loss, use any shampoo / conditioner based on ginseng and / or soya.

8. To maintain glow in hairs always wash hairs with cold water.

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