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Home Made Moisturisers
for Daily Use

1. Day Moisturiser for Normal Skin

female bodySweet Almond oil - 30 ml
Rose water - 15 drops
Chamomile Blue - 5 drops
Lavender - 5 drops
Lemon - 5 drops

Mix all the ingredients well and apply daily to a damp face. Pat away excess with a clean tissue.


2. Rich moisturiser

Take Equal amount of -
Apricot kernel oil
Avocado oil
Sweet almond oil

Melt the oils and wax slowly over heat till they are melted and mixed well. Keep stirring all the time. Take off as soon as it is melted. Add rosewater and beat well until cool. It should be nice and soft.


3. Peaches & Cream Moisturizing Lotion

Peel and mash one very ripe peach.
Strain it through any sheer cloth to extract all the juice.
Mix peach juice with an equal quantity of fresh cream. Keep refrigerated.


4. High Protein Moisturizer

Beat and mix well 1 egg yolk with 1cup of whole milk.
Apply to face with fingertips.
You can bottle and store the remaining in refrigerator.


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