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King Gyanendra (Former)'s visit to Nepalganj - Photo Gallery

Grand and Majestic Reception by the People Of Nepalganj

Former King Gyanendra recently visited Nepalganj. A grand and majestic reception was put by the people of Nepalganj. While King travelled on foot to worship Goddess Bageshwari temple thousands of people who were waiting since morning, gathered him and shouted loving slogan favouring Former King Gyanendra. People were so overwhelmed with joy finding Former King between them that all the security line was broke down and people themselves took King to temple. King was also looked so happy even in scorching heat of about 43 degree hot and humid temperature but his face was shining because of love of people of Nepalganj. People were showering flower petals from roof of their houses. There was green carpet on whole road from Tribhuwan Square to Bageshwari temple for King. Click on the images below for an enlarged view :

Photo Gallery
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