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West Zone High School

West Zone English Medium High School was established in 1999 A.D. by a team of educators who have made long contribution in teaching/learning area of this region. Initially started with class six to nine, it is extended from Nursery to class ten from 2000-2001 academic year. The school aims at imparting quality education that could meet the waves of competition in 21st century. We are equally aware of the degeneration of moral culture values in the youths of our society, So we are not only enthusiastic to establish academic excellence but determined to uplift moral culture standard. Summing up, the school is established to achieve the following objectives:

  • To make the students competent for the higher studies, especially in science streams.
  • To enhance the moral standard of the students
  • To provide the students opportunities for their balanced emotional and intellectual growth
  • To develop the school as a unique educational institute in this region of the kingdom

arogya gautam   barsha budha

Student of the year season - 2 Winner Arogya Gautam         Fastest Performer title winner Barsha Budha


We have chosen a calm and peaceful area at Banke Bag, Nepalganj. We believe peace and tranquality play major role to shape one's proper growth and evelopment.

Teaching Staff

The school employs the qualified teachers on the basis of free competition and they are paid reasonable salary. We have a team of experienced, dedicated and co-operative professional teachers.

Sports & Extra-curricular activities

To cultivate versatile qualities in the personailty of the students, we give priority to sports and extra-curricular activities. The students themselves are encouraged to organize the competitive events under the guidance of house-teachers. Every Friday, the school organises different extra-curricular activities.


Since one of our main objectives is to produce competent candidates for science streams in higher studies, the students will be provided with the facilities of practical knowledge to science experiments from class six onwards. The school has well equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs.


Computer now has become complementary in education. With the realisation of this fact, we have computer class from std. five to eight.

Examination system

The school has to follow the rules and regulations of Nepal Government. Besides, the internal examination are held according to the school calender.


The school provides 50% freeship from monthly fee as a scholarship for the class first stuent. The school also provides 100%, 50% and 25% scholarship in the monthly tuition fee to the new students according to the result of scholarship examination.


The school management committee is aware of the spreading moral degredation in the students elsewhere. We give due consideration in maintaining discipline in order to improve them towards good moral sonduct.
How we are different from others?

West Zone E.M.High School has tood out above the others as the choice of parents, guardians and students by means of the following unique features:

  1. Run by team of educators who have made long contribution in teaching/learning area of this region
  2. Offers special guidance and necessary teaching materials by the trainers and experts to enrich the teacher's proficiency.
  3. Provides scholarship, sports, transportation and medical facilities that are as advanced as anyone expects in Nepalganj
  4. Employs a team of experienced and qualified teachers committed to assist students throughout the school hours
School Management Committee

SN Name Qualification Post
1 Mr. Bed Raj K.C. M.Sc. (Physics) Chairman
2 Dr. Gopal Prasad Adhikari M.A., Ph.D. (Nepali) Member
3 Mr. Kaman Singh Bohra M.A. (Eco.) Member
4 >Mr. Madan K.C. M.P.A. Member
5 Mr. Narendra B. Swar M.P.H. (U.S.A.) Member
6 Mr. Arjun Gautam M.Sc. (Physics) member
7 Mr. Suman Gautam M.Sc. (Math) Member
8 Mr. Bam dev Adhikari M.A. (English) member
9 Dr. Dhawal Shamsher JB Rana M.A., Ph.D. (Pol.Sc.) Member
10 Mr. Nawa Raj Rijal M.Sc. (Chemistry) Member
11 Mr. Ram Kumar Gupta >M.Sc. (Botany) >Member
12 Mr. Madan Adhikari M.Sc. (Chemistry) Member
13 Mr. Bakhat Bdr. Malla M.A., B.L., D.P.A. Member
14 Mr. Khadga Bdr. Bohra B.Com. Member
15 Mr. Shesh Mani Subedi M.A. (English) Member
16 Mr. R.K. Gautam M.A., B.Ed. (Geography) Principal & Secretary

School Advisory Committee

SN Name Address Post
1 Mr. Narayan Pd. Shastri Nepalganj-17 Co-ordinator
2 Mr Shiv Dotel Nepalganj-17 Member
3 Mr. Rajendra Pd. Agrawal Nepalganj-8 Member
4 Mr. Shamsher Bdr. Rawal Nepalganj-12 Member
5 Mr. Gopal Shahi Nepalganj-17 Member
6 Mrs. Sarita K.C. Nepalganj-13 Member
7 Mr. Sthir Mani Bajracharya Nepalganj-17 Member
8 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Shrestha Nepalganj-8 Member
9 Mr. Laxman Gyawali Nepalganj-12 Member

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