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St. Thomas Higher Secondary School



Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj. Phone: 081-521423.


The designation of education has broadened in the contemporary era. Now-a-day, the education is not merely transmission of the knowledge. Rather, it is the enhancement of thought, creativity and personality through veteran teachers with the help of various media and sources in an individual, which assists in the realization of inherent individual potential. Therefore, Mr. A.L.Shrestha and Mr. D.K. Chaudhary established the school by giving the name St. Thomas School in 2047 B.S. (1990 A.D.) as a humble venture in order to provide a quality education to the students on nominal rate which is affordable so as to cater to the increasing demands of the society.

St. Thomas School never aspire for the great number of students. Rather, this school believes on quality education in order to keep up its dignity and prosperity in the society. It is supported by highly qualified and veteran professionals with proven records in their own province. Its exertions are focused to produce qualified and worthy citizens ready to meet the challenges of new millennium on the worldwide. It has an ample pool of dedicated and sincere staffs members and materials managed by proficient administrators. The suggestions and ideas from our parents /guardians have been persistently incorporated in order to boost the academic environment of the school. The products of this school have been able to develop their creativity and individuality that help them to sustain their life in the nook and corners of the world at any pace.

st thomas school girl   school girl from st thomas school

Vision and Mission

The vision of the school is to create an educational world in which the children of diverse background and from hook and corners of the country have approach to quality education at an affordable rate.
Our goal is to develop, strengthen and expand the educational schemes and facilities quality education in order to set up a student for approaching the contest of the future. Objectives
  • It provides the quality and professional education in order to maintain high quality of discipline of a student that helps to build a worthy citizen.
  • It fulfills all sort of sound zest of the students and parents by providing eminence and proficient education through veteran educators to be adjustment in the challenging globalization.

School Uniform

The school uniform is marroon trousers and white shirt for boys
and for girls marroon knee length skirt and white shirt.
The tie is of marroon colour with two white stripes diagonally in the mid.
Shoes are black with white socks.
For winter blazer or pullover should be of marroon colour.


St Thomas is located at Surkhet Road in the heart of Nepalgunj city having a green ample space of play ground and parking zone. St. Thomas School will set up its annex besides Lions Dental Hospital with its own infrastructure in forth coming year.


The curriculum of the academic session is different for different levels namely Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Level, but it is integrated to form a band. It is revised and updated by experts when it is necessary Our curriculum ensures that our students are well prepared for the District Level and School living Certificate Examination which is conducted by Government of Nepal. However, we do not limit only the government curriculum but also include the additional syllabus in order to enhance additional aptitude for the higher education.

Teaching methodology

St Thomas provides the education in family environment with a cooperative way through veteran and dedicated professionals that enhances maximum participation of students in their activities. Regular group discussion, assignment and inspection are performed so that students become laborious self-dependence and achieve maximum requirement.

Evaluation system and scheme

The prevailing examination system such as terminal or annual examination makes the student exam oriented. Nevertheless, but St Thomas, we have a cumulative evaluation system, which evaluates all kinds of activities of the students throughout the whole year. The students are also motivated to take interest in day to day activities. Therefore, once admitted here, they are always sincere over their class activities rather than wait for examination.
Written examination is divided into Unit test and Terminal Examination. Spacing these examination throughout the year. On the basis of providing class assignments, home assignments, holiday assignments, creative activities On the basis of performance, attendance and extra activities of the students throughout the year. On the basis of attitudes, behavior and specified language (English language).

Sports and entertainment

We at St. Thomas believe that there is more to education than books and study. Our aim is to make a students life comprehensive, gratifying and captivating. Extra curricular activities are made an integral part of every student's life. It includes both indoor and out door activities. The facilities of volleyball, table tennis, badminton and martial arts and gymnastics are available within the school premises. St. Thomas has divided the whole students under the four houses in order to accelerate the extra activities. The school organizes inter house competition of many events every Friday to recognize the champion. The students who are more inclined towards academic, for those students we organize many academic events for competition including quiz contest, oratory, debate, elocution, singing, dancing. These assist in providing entertainment to the students as well as flourishing their talents.

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