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Jay Bageshwari Higher Secondary School


Jay Bageshwari Higher Secondary School was founded in 1981 witht he intention of promoting all round development of students in a congenial educational environment through creative methods. It is a co-educational imparting education from Nursery to class XII. A 10+2 school running with science, commerce and computer science.

Awards and prizes

The school has been awarded many times with different credits and awards. Details of some are given below :

Certified as Best Higher Secondary School in Mid-western region of Nepal FOR CONTINUOUSLY TWO YEARS the 2063B.S. and 2064 B.S. This award is presented by 'Higher Secondary Education Board, Bhaktpur, Kathmandu' (The Higher Secondary Education board of Nepal government) including the standing of result of 10+2 Board examination. (See pictures above)
The school has achieved Higher Secondary Shield for continuously two year 2063 B.S. and 2064 B.S. as exmplery standing in all Higher Sceondary schools in Mid-Western Region of Nepal(See pictures above)
The school has also won S.L.C. District Top awards for nine times.
The school has also won the VIRENDRA VIDYA SHIELD (see picture above) for its exemplary result in S.L.C. board examination in year 1997 and standing top in region. The school was awarded a flag and Rs. 50,000 cash by Hon'able Prime Minister
The school has won a nubmer of shields in various inter-school sport events since long time.

Aims and objectives

The school aims at imprating a sound education to its boys and girls in order to mould them to become useful citizen of the country in futrue and to enable them to take their place in any walk of life by including in them the spirit of co-operation along with healthy competition and promoting a spirit of services and loyalty at home and elsewhere.

Founder and Principal, Mr. Vidya Man Raj Bhandari

Mr. Vidya Man Raj Bhandari is the Founder and Princiapl of this institution. He has been awarded by 'GORKHA DAKSHIN BAHU' award, the prestigious and one of the highest credit award awarded for significant contribution in different sectors for country.

Mr. Vidya Man Ranbhandari achieved this award for education sector.

Classes / Courses

The school is facilitated to conduct classes from Nursery to XII. Subjects offered by the school in XI and XII are Science, Commerce with computer science.

The institution was facilitated to run various classes on various dates which are presented here in chronological order:


Started on date
Nursery, L.K.G., U.K.G.
1980 A.D.
Grade 1
11-5-1983 A.D.
Grade 2 to Grade 5
11-5-1984 A.D.
Grade 6 and 7
18-8-1987 A.D.
Grade 8
17-2-1988 A.D.
Grade 9 and 10
25-4-1989 A.D.
Std. XI (10+2) Commerce and Science
27-5-1997 A.D.
Std. XI and XII Computer-science
15-7-2003 A.D.

Tests and examinations

The school expects from all of its teachers to complete their course. Students are obliged to take weekly and monthly tests and keep records. The entire course is divided into four units and there are four unit tests which are punctually conducted in the form of quarterly, half quarterly and third-quarterly examinations of 100 marks each and 10% marks of each tests are added to the marks scored in the final exam which is of 70 marks only. Thus unit tests are given due priority. Class X students have to take a seperate examination which is called 'Sent-up test' which is organised and conducted under the supervision of PABSON (Private and boarding school organisation Nepal) and those students who qualify in this exam are allowed to fill the form for the final S.L.C. exam. The coaching classes are also provided from the school to the students in all subjects for which they have to subscribe with respective fee.


The school provides scholarships for its brilliant students as follows:

  • 100% scholarships on monthly tuition fee for students securing 80% and above in S.L.C. examination.
  • 50% scholarships on monthly tuition fee for students securing 75% to 79% in S.L.C. examination.
  • 25% scholarships on monthly tuition fee for students securing 70% to 74% in S.L.C. examination.
  • No admission fee for students who seeks admission within 30th Ashad 2063 B.S. (Date in Nepali year)
  • Special discount is provided on group admission
Academic Achievements

Passed 51.5% students in Grade 11 in Science stream
Passed 63.1% students in Grade 12 in Science stream
Students acquired upto 70.40% marks in Grade 11 in Science stream
Students acquired upto 71.40% marks in Grade 12 in Science stream
Passed 75% students in Grade 11 in Commerce stream
Passed 68.75% students in Grade 11 in Commerce stream
Students acquired upto 78% marks in Grade 11 in Commerce stream
Students acquired upto 80.4% marks in Grade 12 in Commercestream
Permissions / recognitions The school is duly recognised by the S.L.C. Board of Nepal and by the Higher Secondary Education Board, Nepal.

School uniform

For Boys and girls both:
  1. Grey full pant
  2. Grey white lining full shirt
  3. Tie
  4. Black shoes
  5. Grey socks
  6. Navy blue sweater
Computer Lab

The school has a well-equipped computer lab with 18 computer sets. There is a common lab for the students of High school section as well as for the students of college section

Science lab

The school has a well-equipped science lab for science lab. There are seperate lab rooms for physics, chemistry and biology subjects.


There is full-fledged libray in the school. It contains about 3100 books covering various subjects. There are a lot of textbooks including English, Nepali languages, litereatures and those related to commerce, science, social sciences and humanitites. It has dictionaries and books about child interest and psychology. There is a good cataloguing system under which books are numbered. These books can be issued to students and only one book is issued to a student for a period of one week only. The facility of a reading room has been provided to students who does not want to borrow book. The library room remains open from 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM. About one hundred new books are brought for the library each year.


Attendance of the students is regularly taken in the class daily by the class-teachers. Minimum 80% attendance is a must. Any student falling short of attendance, he/she will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination.

Management Committee

S.N. Name Post
1 Mrs. Prasanna Raj Bhandari Founder and Chairperson
2 Mr. Narayan Sharma Gaire Member (From guardian)
3 Mrs. Shanti Dhakal Member (Female)
4 Mr.Dammar Subedi (educationist) Member
5 Mr. Kamal Ran Khanal Member (Teacher Representative)
6 Mr. Vidya Man Raj Bhandari Founder & Member-Secretary

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